Meditating with the Noting Technique

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2 min readJan 13, 2022

Have you ever arrived at your destination and wondered how you got there?

Maybe after your daily commute or just a walk around the block — you turn the key to your front door, and suddenly you snap back and realize you’d been elsewhere?

This is called auto-pilot. It’s a state that we can fall into when we perform the same task many times; we can operate without awareness, without even thinking about what we’re doing.

That default mode setting is basically the opposite of mindfulness and can lead to a feeling of melancholy. If you notice yourself operating in a mindless state, there’s a specific meditation technique that can make a big impact on bringing back your awareness — the noting technique.

What is the noting technique?

The noting technique is a form of mindfulness meditation. As the name implies, it’s about taking note. You use your awareness to recognize and name distractions as they arise. By doing so, you are able to create separation between yourself and the occurrences of your mind. This practice is quiet and non-judgemental.

How to practice the noting technique

We recommend starting with a 5 minute practice.

Come to a comfortable seat and close or soften your eyes. Tune into your breath. Bring softness and stillness to your physical body. Set your focus on your breath. As you become distracted (as you naturally will) try to notice each individual distraction as it arises. Label each as it occurs. Repeat and repeat, becoming aware of each thought, feeling and sensation. Then let it go and take note of the next one.

Things you can note

Thoughts: A common misconception of meditation is that the goal is to stop thoughts entirely. The goal, especially with the noting technique isn’t to stop thoughts from occurring, but instead to shift your relationship to them. Try to shift your mindset to observation instead of judgement.

Feelings and Emotions: When not addressed, emotions and feelings can lead to dysregulation. In the noting technique, feelings and emotions are labeled as they arise. This creates the opportunity to see your emotions as separate from you, which can put you in a better position to take any action steps you may need to take to resolve them.

Sensations and Perceptions: It’s easy to overlook…

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