Sub Ek: We Are All One | with a guided meditation

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3 min readJul 6, 2022

“Sub ek.”

What does it mean? Sub ek is Sanskrit for “We all come from the same source.”

If it is true that we all come from the same source, then why does humanity sow such division? Is it an instinct that develops very early on — when we get that first glimpse of our identity as we peer into a mirror and notice that we’re different from others?

The concept and feeling of “me versus them” began for me when I was a little girl. By constantly comparing myself to others, I established separation in my mind. From my egoic perspective, I wanted to be the best: top of the class, teacher’s pet, and popular. My way of thinking led me to believe I had to be different and better, instead of trusting that who I am was perfect all along, and that we are all, in our uniqueness, Equal.

My misconception separated me out from the rest of my classmates. It was a competition right there in my first-grade classroom which transcended into much of my adult life. I wore myself out with that pressure and have evolved enough to not do that to myself anymore, but I still find myself unconsciously judging and seeing others as different than me.

I would guess that most of us have felt that way at some time or another.

If we want to unite, not only in our communities but in our country and globally as well, there needs to be an awakening. We must remember that we are unique and all on our individual paths.

When Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh was asked what we need to do to save our world, he replied, “What we most need to do is hear, within us, the sound of the Earth crying.”

Much of our suffering arises out of a sense of separation. When a person is able to let go of the scarcity and fear-based parts of their egos, they may also allow for a sense of oneness to awaken. To believe that we are all God’s or Mama Earth’s (or whatever higher power you believe in) children.

Those whose egos still dominate their inner lives, see people who don’t have the same view about politics, global issues, and religion as “they’re wrong, we’re right.” Most of us, due to the pandemic, have felt a deep sense of separation from community, the workplace, our family and friends. We’ve lost our sense of connection.

When discussing an individual’s lack of connection, Eckhart Tolle says, “They are like a small wave riding on top of the ocean that feels it’s just a small wave and no more. It feels alone, scared, and powerless because it doesn’t realize it’s connected to, and a part of, a vast ocean; but it’s not separate at all. And neither are we.”

If we all could awaken to the truth of “interbeing”…

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